Health classes for older adults

Health Classes

Classes can be tailored, but our standard options are:

  • Basics 1 & 2
  • Field Trip 3 (see below)
  • Edibles & DIY
  • Topicals & DIY
  • Growing DIY

Class 1

This is meant for people who do not use the computer for research. Learn a little of the complicated history of marijuana (cannabis) as a medicine all over the world, including America. Learn some basic terms and important things like CBDs, THC, sativa, indica, strains, and ratios that will help a new student get the best marijuana for the situation. It is great for both recreational and medical goals - it can alleviate pain including neuropothy and back pain, relax the person, stop a migraine from coming on, and even make sex more fun. It is not a one size fits all medicine- we will talk about important variables like a person’s health issues, anxiety, depression, any previous attempts to use it, and side effects that we are aiming for or trying to avoid. We will tackle the term “gateway drug,” and figure out that it can be a gateway to using less opiates, which would mean less deaths in the US from opiate use. Get into the basics of how people can ingest cannabis and why a person would do it certain ways over others. Hopefulliy, by the end of class 1, a new student will feel much more prepared to talk about it with friends, family, and medical professionals.

Class 2

This is also intended for people who do not rely on technology for their information and research. We will talk more in detail about the ways a person can use it - methods like eating it, vaping it, and using it in lotions and oils on the skin. Learn words lilke “extractions, tinctures, medibles, cartridges, and resin." Talk about hemp and using CBD from hemp, and what a consumer should ask. Look at cannabis products that we can buy and even make ourselves, check out the packaging and the important information to look for.

This is where we get into the complexity of the side effects. Share experiences with the group, get ideas and funny tips. Tell us your “one time I did.…” stories, and we can problem solve as a group to see how that could have been a better (or just different) experience given what you now know. Learn about the medical program in Oregon and how to talk with your doctor if you want to ask for their blessing. Learrn about clinics and doctors that offer assistance for the medical card process. Learn about the OMMP list of diagnoses. Discuss the non-profits that help get the medicine to veterans who are dealing with PTSD and more. Make sure students are comfortable calling dispensaries to ask about the products they want to buy. Share senior discounts and elder friendly stores.

Class 3 - The Field Trip!

This is when a group of us visit a dispensary to get familiar with how they look and what to expect. We will come prepared with questions for the budtenders, and we will come with ideas of what we want to buy. If we are lucky, we will get a tour/ conversation with the owner to learn about how and why they opened this shop. What are their values? What are the most and least surprising things they have figured out? Do they have customers who are older adults?

What are their favorite brands, strains, products, and other aspects of the cannabis industry? Do they have a relationship with Grow 4 Vets? How to we make suggestions or requests for specific products/strains we want to see at their shop?

After our time in the shop, we will talk as a group about what we learned and what we liked and didn't like about the experience.

Tailored Field Trips

Our trips give class participants the chance to check out a dispensary (marijuana store) to meet the bud-tenders and see how elder-friendly some local places could be. We get to look at more products, see clones (plants), talk a little about seeds, and we develop a plan for participants to explore their friendly neighborhood dispensary safely on their own.

Consulting for Cannabis Businesses

We know what older adults want, and we will set up consultation services to help you take the step towards making your products or business much more elder friendly. Reach a market that is untapped and waiting for your high quality services.